Guidance at Doctoral Level

Dr. Xavier K Jacob

Flood inundation modeling and hazard assessment for lower Bharathapuzha basin

Co-Supervisor : Prof. N. S. Raghuwanshi

Degree awarded in July, 2009.

Dr. Mukesh Kumar Tiwari

River flow forecasting using wavelet transformation and bootstrap based neural networks

Co-Supervisor :

Degree awarded in Aug, 2011.

Dr. Dibyendu Samantaray

Flood risk modeling for optimal crop planning in the delta region of Mahanadi river basin

Co-Supervisor : Prof. R. Singh

Completed in December, 2014

Arun Kumar

Ensemble modeling of rainfall-runoff transformation process - 2017

Co-Supervisor : Prof. R. Singh

Completed in April, 2017

Gajanan K. Ramteke

Hydrological modelling of a watershed to evaluate impacts of watershed structures on surface flow and groundwater recharge

Co-Supervisor : Prof. R. Singh

Thesis submitted; Joined in Jan, 08;

Pankaj Mani

Flood Flood risk assessment in upper Narmada basin

Co-Supervisor : Dr. Rakesh Kumar, NIH

Ongoing since Jan, 10; (Taken withdrawal in Dec, 2011)

Mohite Archana Ramchandra

Development of flood forecasting system for middle reaches of Mahanadi river basin using MIKE models

Co-Supervisor : Prof. R. Singh

Ongoing since Jul, 11;

Prachi Pratyasha Jena

Flood hazard assessment using high resolution DEM for changing trends of flood

Co-Supervisor :

Ongoing since Jan, 12;

Trushnamayee Nanda

Rainfall-runoff modeling for the Mahanadi river basin

Co-Supervisor : Prof. B. Sahoo

Ongoing since Jun, 13

Deepak Singh Bisht

Hydrological modeling for the Kangsabati river basin

Co-Supervisor :

Ongoing since July, 14

Subhajit Roy

ET estimation using remotely sensed data

Co-Supervisor : Prof. N. S. Raghuwanshi

Ongoing since July, 14

Pradeep Kumar Rout

Development of climate adaptive agro‚Äźtechnologies

Co-Supervisor : Prof. D. K. Swain

Ongoing since Jan, 15

Amit Kumar Behera

Impact of climate change on floods

Co-Supervisor :

Ongoing since July, 16